Our four show run of our original production, “For All Generations”, finished last night to a full house. Actually, all four shows were packed, and we were greatly appreciative of the responsive and generous audiences.  Here was one of my favorite compliments:

“I had three generations of my family at the play yesterday, and we all loved it.  Fantastic job!!  Great stories, acting singing, dancing, and message.  Thanks to all of you for your hard work.”

For a themed performance about generations to be liked by three generations of one family is a pretty good compliment.

We had so many people tell us this was our best dramatic production ever. That said that last time too, so we are on a pretty good trajectory, which I hope is not too difficult to continue.

As I was watching the last performance from the back, I realized just how difficult it is to bottle-up experiences like this. With each word from the script which is spoken, that moment is gone forever and we creep one step closer to the ending of the show when finality takes hold. This is one of the amazing things of a live performance: it’s only around for fleeting moments. A book can be re-read. A video re-watched. But live drama is one of a kind. Every night is different. Every audience is different, and the dynamic make-up of the event make it unforgettable, when it’s done well.

Before the show last night, I had someone come to support us, and he said, “Money for tickets is not important. You can always get more money. But these moments are only here once, and they have to be experienced.”

What a beautiful sentiment!

Thank you, RLT Players, for the hard-work and amazing memories. This is always one of my highlights of the year.

And now, I guess I can get back to my novel-writing.

2014-11-21 19.38.04
Pre-show before our last performance.
2014-11-22 22.32.36
Re-painting the floor black.
2014-11-22 22.33.07
Always sad to see it end.



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