Felt good. Very good, actually, to get back to novel writing today.

Being at the beach, next to a pool and a cold drink doesn’t hurt either.

This is the life of an indie author, grabbing those writing times when they come. One has to make the most of them, and today I did.

My life has literally been embroiled in drama this past month. I’ve been on a marathon high of acting, lighting, staging, and all the other “ings” that go into putting on a big show. Now that it is all over, I finally can get back to writing.

Today was a good day.

I’m now about 17,000 words into my fifth novel. I can’t tell much about it at this point other than it is set in the fictitious southeast country of Sulu – between Philippines and Malaysia. Yes, I know the region quite well, so it’s been fun to create a new fictitious play land for my novel. There’s all kinds of stuff going on in the novel at this point, a daring rescue of women who were the victims of trafficking, a corrupt police force who got what was coming to them, and a couple on the verge of a marital breakdown. Fun indeed! Lots of interesting directions to take this one and I hope to have a draft finished by the summer. I should have a good amount of writing time over Christmas break to get a lot done. Looking forward to it.

Also on the horizon is my fourth novel which is currently unpublished. It’s in the precious hands of a bunch of readers at this point awaiting their thoughts and comments. This fourth novel, entitled “A Love Story for a Nation” which is NOT actually set in Asia (shocker, I know) is tentatively set to release on July 1, 2015. My wife is the only person who has read it at this point and she loved it. She’s a tough critic, too, so I’m hopeful.

It’s really fun being an indie author. Today is one of those good days. Soak it in and enjoy, like the sun and surf.

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