My drama group, The RLT Players, had an awesome afternoon yesterday meeting up with the group which provided the inspiration to start our own group.

It was wonderful beyond belief to have these veteran actors and all around great people willing to spend a couple hours to talk about about acting and other aspects of the performing arts.

Here we all are after our long Q & A session:

2014-12-05 14.42.40

The night before, we all took in their latest show at penangpac, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” I have to put a plug in for the show, a mix and match of 13 different length sketches about love and relationships. The Footstool Players’ soared through the material, eliciting all the variety of emotions one would expect when considering the subject matter: elation, wonder, frustration, heartbreak. You only have one more day to catch the show – December 7 ends their three week run. Don’t miss it!

Our afternoon session focused on issues like:

  • The moment to moment in acting. How to listen well and be engaged in the surroundings, not just worrying about one’s next lines.
  • Pre-show prep – how each individual has different needs right before the show. Some need to be calm. Others need to fidget. Some need to yell and scream. Respect them all and stay out of each other’s way.
  • Embarrassing moments and missed lines. What to do? Help each other. Bail each other out and move on. Don’t dwell on mistakes.
  • The importance of a good stage manager.

And much more!

We all learned a lot, made some new good friends, and, hopefully, we can all collaborate with each other in the future.

Footstool Players – you won’t meet a nicer bunch of people and a finer group of actors.

Whenever you get a chance to catch one of their shows, don’t miss it.

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