Thanks to Maniparna who included my new Christmas short story in a post about her favorite Christmas stories.

Scattered Thoughts

Christmas is that time of the year when everything seems nice and tenderly, joyful and propitious. It is perhaps the most widespread and loveliest of all festivals…..a  festival of kindness and charity, forgiveness and friendship. The warmth of hearts easily beats the chilly wind of winter and the white snow exudes nothing but sheer joy, the joy of being together, the oneness and attachment which we feel even with strangers. It’s time to travel back to my childhood, when I used to sit snugly in that old armchair of grandpa with a new book. The smell of new books, which were mostly Christmas gifts, mingled with freshly peeled oranges hovered around me making the atmosphere heavenly. Happiness is still synonymous to books for me. Let’s rewind and rekindle our memories with some Christmas stories whose glory never fades out and even after reading them for umpteen times they seem to be…

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