Image has Nothing to do with Love.

Image has nothing to do with love.

When was the last time that an “unattractive” woman was the subject of a Hollywood love story?

I suppose it happens. But very infrequently.

Hollywood is obsessed with image, as is TV, the Internet, and just about every person who is honest with themselves.

It’s not often that you have an obese heroine. It’s not often you have a grotesque protagonist with which the audience is supposed to sympathize.

It happens, but infrequently.

We all know the drill – thin bodies, hard bodies, six packs, big breasted, tight chested, photo-shopped bodies – that is what appeals and that is what the people crave. But, of course, it isn’t real. And the public doesn’t care.

It’s like we like to live out our fantasies vicariously through Hollywood dribble. And we plop down good money to do so.

But here’s a shocker to think about: a beautiful woman’s love is no different than an obese woman’s love. A six-pack ab love is no different or no better than an “ugly” man’s love.

We could easily blame Hollywood and the media for perpetuating this lie, but that would be grossly disingenuous.

We, the people, perpetuate this lie. We think that hard bodies and glamour, brilliant sex, and glossy bodies on the screen constitute love – but we all know better. It has nothing to do with it.

Love is a human emotion – perhaps the greatest of human emotions and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the shape of one’s body.

And so I am using this blog post to let it be known that all love is valid, regardless of body shape and image.

I would like to see Hollywood and TV try something different: show real love from real people who have real bodies.

Of course, TV and Hollywood is driven by profits. Profits driven by image. There lies the dilemma.

No one wants to see the love of an obese couple on screen. They want to see sleek, slim, hard bodies. That’s the honest truth about our society.

But don’t let the screen fool you. Love is love. It has nothing to do with image or body shape, and if we can get that into our consciousness, we’d all be better off.

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