Theatre Production – So Many Hats

I’m back into full-swing theatre mode. So much of my day revolves around theatre and drama, and, of course, I love all of it. But it is a telling sign of what’s to come. Here’s a quick run-down of all theatre related items I did today.

  • A colleague came to talk to me about a duet act which two students are having trouble visualizing. It’s a piece I wrote, so she was asking me how I saw the two characters.
  • In my drama class, we defined theatrical performance and talked about audience dynamics. Plus we played some silly acting games.
  • I was asked by someone if I would write some short dramas for some upcoming meetings that we will be having. (I’m happy to.)
  • I was pulled out of my classroom into a production meeting concerning our big musical coming up. The set designers wanted to confirm my thoughts on their ideas.
  • I met with two other colleagues, our voice director and choreographer, and we walked through all 13 of the original songs that go with our new production. We were mapping out ideas and trying to figure out how to effectively rehearse with 29 students in the cast.
  • A student came by and asked me to meet with him next week to go over his character for an upcoming duet.
  • Tonight, I’ll probably do some drama writing for some of the plays and musical items I’m planning to write.

This was my day – and that doesn’t count my regular job which isn’t related to theatre.

Drama is, for me, an act of love. So all in all, it was a great day.

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