Writing Forecast: 2015

A deliciously light breeze from the west lifts spirits and places smiles of satisfaction on writers everywhere. The sun’s hues glitter on the placid ocean as a million shades of contrasting blue. I would say the forecast for writing in 2015 is peaceful and inviting. So here are the writing projects I have on my over-sized plate for the new year:

  • Revising and editing novel four, “A Love Story for a Nation,” ahead of a July 1 release date.
  • Finishing my secretly titled novel #5, set in the fictitious island republic of Sulu. Can you figure out where it’s at?
  • I’m writing a new 10-minute musical with my co-composer, Ms. Laura Danneker.
  • I will be writing a whole slate of new short plays for my drama group, The RLT Players. This year I am hoping to produce a Christmas show with them, so I’m looking forward to writing Christmas scripts – about 10 of them. That will be a blast.
  • By the end of the year, I hope to start my 6th novel. As of now, it will be something completely different – a political thriller. It has a fascinating premise and title which must remain highly secretive at this time.
  • A full-length play for 2016 production, perhaps?
  • And knowing me, I’ll jump on a few new writing projects which haven’t even entered my brain yet.

Writing is a wonderfully blank tableau, ready to be taken in any direction I choose. It’s incredibly freeing and exciting. I can’t wait to see where 2015 takes me.



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