A Post on Future Posts

I just noticed that I have 42 drafts under posts on my blog. Most of them are just a few words long or even just a title. That’s how I do things – write down titles which could become future posts. And now look at this, the future titles themselves have become a post. Mind-boggling, I know.

This is something I do frequently, think of a cool sounding title and then tuck it away for another day. Sometimes they never come to fruition and sometimes I can’t even remember what I meant to talk about months after creating a draft of a title.

For example, I have one draft post entitled “13,481”. I have no idea what that number means. I guess I’ll have to get creative some day.

I don’t only write blog posts this way. I also write short plays and songs like this as well. In fact, I remember doing the same thing with my friend in college. We would yell out the name of a yet to be written poem and then we’d each write it to see how completely different they would be.

I probably have more than ten dramatic sketches, yet to be written, with only a title to their name. I like the challenge of trying to think what kind of story would fit with which kind of title. Once I wrote down the name “GeneRations”, thinking it would be clever to write a play about society rationing genes. You’ll notice that it also spells “generations”. However, my show called “For All Generations” come and went last year and I never used “GeneRations” for it, but I eventually wrote a script for the title when a new idea popped in. It’s a fun creative process, a jumping off of point I guess you could say. If you ever get stuck about what to write about, give it a title first, and then see what can flow from it.

Here’s some titles of future blog posts which are currently sitting in my drafts:

“Education is wasted on youth”

“Don’t Sound Pretentious, but Don’t Dumb It Down”

“The Internet is Great for This: Passing on Stupid Ideas”

“Where the money is”

“Honesty and Writing”

I have about 37 more of these at this current writing. I really don’t know what these above posts will be about, exactly, but when I finally sit down to write them, it should be exciting to find out what they mean.


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