“A Pinch of Fate” – My Play Opens in Sydney, Australia Today

I’m very excited (and very sad because I can’t be there) to have my short play, “A Pinch of Fate, A Shot of Destiny”, opening tonight as part of the Short & Sweet Theatre Festival in Sydney, Australia. It will be performed five times from Feb 4-8 at The Fusebox, Factory Theatre, Marrickville. The piece is being directed by Tara Gallop-Brennan.

Sydney’s festival is billed as the largest 10-minute play festival in the world. My play was fortunate enough to make the “top 80”, so we’ll see how it does. Here are the actors in some of the promotional shots. This is Hilary Park. She plays the “narrator.”

Hilary Park headshotShe’s not a normal narrator, however, She is, I guess you could say, the Grim Reaper who has come for her daily conquest. On this particular day, she is planning on taking Rebecca with her. Rebecca is scheduled to be hit by a bus. However, as fate would have it, Mitch was running late and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (at least in the narrator’s perspective) and ended up saving Rebecca from her appointed destiny. Well, this deed makes the narrator angry indeed, and she plots to wrestle back the day from Mitch’s intervention. But wait, what’s that flirting going on between Rebecca and Mitch. Can destiny be changed? Does fate actually have an unexpected turn? Not if the narrator can help it. Here’s Rebecca (Eden Scott) and Mitch (Matthew Archer):IMG_6837


I do hope that the play has fate and destiny on its side and will be enjoyed by many this week. Do go on out this weekend and see it for me if you are in Sydney.

Break a leg, guys!


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