Wanted: Composer

Wanted: a composer who –

  • doesn’t expect to get paid
  • loves to compose musical theatre
  • loves to score and arrange
  • loves to work with a  crazy lyricist who makes up melodies in his head
  • dreams to be on Broadway one day
  • but will be just as happy creating art – whether anyone else enjoys it or not

Yes, I’m that lyricist. I am a wannabe musician who knows nothing about music and (poorly) plays the guitar in order to write simple songs. But I just love writing musicals, but I am always at the mercy of others to arrange, compose, and finish the product.

But if I could find someone who is as crazy as me – in the opposite way – a musically gifted companion to collaborate with fun musical theatre ideas, well, that would be really cool.

The main qualification for this person is passion! When I get an idea, there’s no stopping me. I’ll steal away time, lock myself away, and just go with it until I get it done. I need a composer like that. Not someone who dreads my emails and prodding, but who is already a few steps ahead of me in my composing. Someone who has as many ideas as I do. Someone who challenges me to get better and better.

Someone who thinks of composing musical theatre as a art – where creativity and expression comes first and fun comes for the ride as a necessary outcome.

Someone who doesn’t have the time, but will make the time. Example, I have a family, I teach full time, I coach softball, I write a novel a year, I produce two dramas per year, I write many other scripts per year – and I still have time to want to collaborate with a composer.

So if you know of anyone who fits the bill, who is searching for a lyricist and kindred composer, please let me know.

I loaded with ideas. Let’s go!

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