Classic Movie Review: 1776

Classic Movie Review: 1776

As a history and musical buff, the classic, founding-father’s musical film of 1972 is a true feast for the eyes and the ears.

If the thought of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin singing and dancing their way to the first Independence Day is a bizarre thought, you’d be right. Who could ever take them seriously?

The great thing about this movie is that there’s no need to take it seriously, because it’s meant to be a joyous, fun romp, wrapped up in political intrigue and dysfunction in the first degree. It’s a comforting thoughts that Congress has always been lampooned as a do-nothing kind of body, in 1776, 1972, and even today. Some things never change, especially in politics.

This is the most fun you’ll have learning how the founding fathers of the United States overcame a myriad of obstacles, some seemingly too great to scale, in order to forge the Declaration of Independence and set the course for the Revolutionary War which is still impacting the world today.

Benjamin Frankin is played as one part wise sage, two parts irreverent and sarcastic wit who is a hoot to watch. Likewise, John Adams is played splendidly as the hot-headed New Englander who both prodded and stalled progress by his brash, courageous and overbearing attitudes.

But this is not all fluff. There are poignant scenes recalling the death of comrades at the Lexington Green, and, of course, the difficult skiff over slavery which nearly destroyed the opportunity for independence for the union.

“1776” is a musical I whole-heartedly recommend. And make your kids watch it too!

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