Writing: It’s Kind of Like Garlic Butter

A local chain pizza shop here sells their pizza with a garlic butter crust, but one taste confirms that, most likely, it contains neither garlic or butter.

To me, the crust tastes like nail polish applied on top of a thin layer of artificially flavored garlic powder. It’s kind of nauseating actually.

The reason for my repulsion is simple: I love garlic butter, and here’s the best recipe in the world for making it.

RECIPE BREAK: Add chopped cloves of garlic to melted butter.

That’s it. That’s how simple it is to make incredible garlic butter. I put it on my homemade pizza crusts all the time. If I want to go wild, I might even sprinkle some dried oregano over top of it.

Real. Simple. I’m beginning to think that these two words hold many of the keys to a good life. Keeping it real. Keeping it simple.

Here’s another recipe for you. I once had someone ask me how to make honey-mustard sauce.

RECIPE BREAK 2: Take honey. Add mustard. Mix.

It’s really quite good just like that. Some might add some mayonnaise or brown sugar, but just a simple combination of honey and mustard is outstanding.

Real. Simple.

I say all this as a way to keep constantly reminding myself to have that same approach when I am writing.

Keep it real. Keep it simple.

Don’t try to write like someone else. Be yourself.

Don’t try to sound pretentious and use big words that you actually feel uncomfortable using. Your readers will find you out!

Don’t think that every plot and story has to be extremely complex. Focus on what the point is. If your writing doesn’t have a point, I suggest stop writing until you discover the point of what it is you want to write. Then stick to it. Drive it home. Focus. Be real. Be authentic.

Be the honey to your mustard or the garlic to your butter. Don’t inflate your writing with high-octane chemicals which provide cheap thrills and nauseated stomachs.

So I try to keep my writing as simple as my cooking. This approach has treated me well thus far.

What about you?

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