Amazon Prime Member? Read All My Novels for Free

Just a friendly reminder that all of my first three novels are available to be borrowed through the Amazon Kindle Lending Library included in your prime membership.

So it’s a no risk situation for you. If you haven’t read any of my novels yet, I’d be honored if you borrow one and see what you think.

Here’s a quick run-down:

2014 “The Reach of the Banyan Tree” – mix contemporary love story/adventure and historical fiction. Set in 1945 French Indochina and modern day Vietnam.

2013 “The Recluse Storyteller” – a unique mix of suspense/mystery and interesting storytelling as the recluse tells four different stories about the neighbors whom she spies on from behind her cracked-open apartment door. This has got a little bit of everything.

2012 “Beauty Rising” – my debut novel about a thirty-something, going no where loner who is asked by his abusive, dying father to bury his ashes in Vietnam. As he steps out to fulfill his father’s wish, a girl steals his wallet, which will change everything forever.

Read for free! Amazon Lending Library!

Thanks so much for the support!

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