While much of America was buried under snow and huddling around their basement wood burners to stay warm, they also must have had some more time to surf the web – February was our best month ever at mwsasse.com with the highest number of visitors and views. I also sold a bunch of books, got a whole bunch more likes on my Facebook page and got some writing done, too!

So a big round of thank yous heading out to all of you who stopped by, did some reading, checked out a promotion, and, ultimately, bought a book. I truly am humbled when even one person plops down their hard earned money on one of my stories. I continue to work hard to make them as enjoyable and gripping as I can.

Writing-wise, I accomplished the following in February:

  • Wrote 6 Christian-themed skits I was requested to write. More on these later.
  • I finished editing on novel 4 and sent it off to my real editor.
  • I did a major re-work on novel 5 with greatly improved it. I’m getting more excited about this one now. Much work remains.
  • I’m still working on my short musical which I hope to complete by the end of March.

Overall, a good and productive month all around.

Plus, I enjoyed my tropical climate as I thought about all those Canadian temperatures which decided to migrate south.

Thanks everyone!

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