Zander’s Monologue

In May, I’m directing a re-staging of our “smash-hit” comedy-drama-musical “A Tad of Trouble” at the Penang Performing Arts Centre. There’s a lot to like about this musical. Strong characters, a unique premise, and just lots of fun! Zander is one of the guardian angels in the play and at the beginning of act two, right after intermission, he lays out his ideas in a philosophical manner. It’s a true summary of the entire storyline and what the guardian angels are up against each and ever day. I’m happy to present “Zander’s Monologue” from “A Tad of Trouble”.  For full effect, read it very dramatically!

What is the nature of man? Is it evil like exhibit A: Obediah Clementine, our friendly fiend. He’d sell his own mother. And actually I think he did that a while back. Shameful, I know, but I do believe he got a fine pair of leather sandals in exchange.

Or is the nature of man more like exhibit B: Thadeus Phineas. Slightly rotten at the core with a glimmer of goodness around the edges. Honestly, Tad wants to do good, but he also is just as likely pull the hair of a little girl or snatch his teacher’s golden broach. Or is the heart of man pure and true like exhibit C: ah … Hey, what happened we have no exhibit c’s anymore? So what does that mean? Are there only 2 colors anymore, only black or gray? Is the heart of man black as Obediah’s soul – if indeed he has one? Or is it merely gray – as dull and gray as Tad’s attempt at righteousness? Who shall lift them from this depravity?

What a pathetic choice! Certainly not Obediah. So that leaves us with Tad. Shall the singing boy with weak convictions and weaker vocal chords be able to muster any hopeful sounds raising above a whimper? Or shall all of mankind sink in despair and the gates of hell itself will not be able to hold the weight of the guilt, the shame, the downright nastiness of….

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