In Praise of Audacity

If you’ve never used AUDACITY, it’s an awesome program that is fantastic for sound editing – and it’s a free program. What’s not to like? I just wanted to briefly outline how I use it in case you might find it useful for yourself. Here’s a sample view of what it looks like:

audacity capture

Here’s the layout of the program. In this project, I had an MP3 musical track in which I needed to add some vocals to. I opened Audacity, dragged and dropped the MP3 file which not allows me to manipulate it – trim, mute, increase decibels, etc… I decided to sing, so I sung some lyrics in the second track below, exported as a MP3 and I have a new song file with vocals.

When writing musicals with my students, I find this program invaluable for editing songs and creating samples. The interface is super easy, and it’s really a powerful program for all types of audio manipulation.

Need a portion of a song for an intro to a drama? No problem. Cut and fade it where you want it.

Need to mash together two song files? No problem.

Need to record vocals over a sample track. Piece of cake.

I have found lots of practical uses. A quick Google search will get you a free, powerful audio editing program in the matter of seconds.

I hope you find it as useful as I do.

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