Our Photoshoot: “A Tad of Trouble”

We had our drama photo-shoot a couple days ago, graciously done by the talented Matt Brandon. A huge thanks to Matt for his time and generosity for doing these. Please check out Matt’s website The Digital Trekker.

I’ll post a few of the photos here to help us all visualize the story of “A Tad of Trouble.”

Tad is a rascal. And he’s mute.



He causes all kinds of trouble with his parents. His father has had enough. June, his mother tries to keep the peace.



Tad’s father sends Tad off with a traveling salesman named Obediah so he will grow out of his shenanigans. However, it turns out that Obediah is a crook, and he uses Tad as part of his criminal activities. Here they are selling a set of faulty knives to Mrs. Todd.

dalat.04.22.15-17.10.27-EditThe clever Obediah has been giving Marshal McKinley and his tomboy Niece, Temperance, the slip for years.



When Tad’s mother, June, is informed by the Marshal that Tad is working with the crooked Obediah, she knows there’s only one thing to do: pray!



This brings together Olivia, Tad’s guardian angel, and Zander, the cynical guardian angel of Obediah. Olivia has one simple proposition for Tad: she will give the mute boy the gift of song if he is willing to right the wrongs.



Will he take their advice? “A Tad of Trouble: A Musical.” Only at the Penang Performing Arts Centre in May 2015.





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