A Sneak Peak Video at Our New Musical

A behind the scenes mini-preview of our new musical “A Tad of Trouble.” This is one of the closing numbers of act one. Our rehearsals take place in our chapel because it’s the largest place on campus for us. We won’t get to rehearse on the actual stage at Penangpac until May 18 – the day before the show! Yikes! But we make do.

In this short clip, we see Tad (David Beak) just having received the gift of song by his guardian angel Olivia. We also have the cool dancing angels in the background. Plus our vocal director trying to get some ooomph into the back-up singers. Our choreographer is in the foreground. I’m hanging in the tech room. If you are in town, please come see the final production on May 19 & May 23.

The song in the video is called “When We are Given a Second Chance.”  I wrote it back in 2008, and the singer of it in this video updated and recorded the version you are hearing in the video. It’s a really nice melody of songs which brings Act 1 to its conclusion. I can’t wait to see it on the big stage under the theatrical lights!




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