The Unfocused Ramblings of a Director One Week Away

My new musical, “A Tad of Trouble,” has its dress rehearsal in eight days.

That means that I have completely stopped being an author or a writer. I am, for all practical purposes, a mad-man scurrying around trying to keep everything floating and organized.

Months and months of preparation have come down to mere days. I find myself doing strange things about this time.

This afternoon I looked through our ribbon and bag box, looking for last minute props. I found this amazing-looking velvet covered Asian luxury box which is perfect for one of our scenes. I scoured our pantry for diverse things like an umbrella with a hook, a bandanna, and a old glass perfume bottle. I didn’t find any of them, but I did find a cool old bag that fits the time period.

Now I think I’ll go shopping. I need lanyards.

I finished the curtain call order and curtain call song last night.

I also recorded the intro to the second act on Audacity.

I’ve been re-organizing sound files, labeling them in order so the tech crew can follow along.

My stage manager has been writing lists and diagrams for all the actors. My tech supervisor has given me the lighting plan – which needs to be revised.

I’ve been running ticket specials for family members of the cast/crew, having to make several trips to the theatre to pick up the tickets. Then I need to disburse them.

I looked for new music on Amazon that might be nice to play pre-show.

I bought a new battery and memory card for our new camera so I can record.

I’ve been updating our show’s Facebook page daily.

Oh, I can’t forget the set pieces. Finished painting them yesterday and figuring out ways to attach the panels that we have.

That reminds me, I need to go find fluorescent tape.

No wonder I feel exhausted.

Oh, and I have two all-day softball tournaments Monday and Tuesday this week. Great timing.

Don’t expect much from a director one week out before a show. If he or she seems frazzled, there’s a good reason for that.

2015-05-09 09.27.54(above: Stage Manager working on our set pieces.)


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