Thoughts on Opening Night

The jitters motor the action. The laughter loosens the mouth. The applause raises the chin. Opening night is always special. The theatre arts would be one of life’s more ridiculous endeavors if there never was an opening night. For months these make-believe characters have been jabbing at each other week after week, having the same arguments, slapping each other after the same old insult, and having the same conflict resolution after the same old plot climax. But suddenly, it all makes sense. The lines bring enjoyment. The dances bring amazement. The story draws in the eyes, and the heartstrings are tugged at just the right moment. The kids finally get the reward for their hard work. All of that happened Tuesday night as we re-staged our original musical from 2009. The crowd of 163 filled up the hall nicely and I once again marveled at how the kids had grown over the last few months. It was without a doubt our best performance. The energy of the audience always does that. It brings out the best. And though it was not without flaws, it flowed beautifully and I couldn’t have been prouder. We have some truly talented actors in our mix, some who will be leaving us this year. I shall savor every minute. Two more performances this Saturday will end our tiny little run. From the mind to the written page to the stage. There’s nothing like it. a tad of trouble flyer 2a

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