Album Review: Love Yourself some “Copperlily”

Wonderfully fun, whimsical, and folksy.

These are the terms I would best use to describe the incredible full-length debut album from husband and wife team Tim and Stephanie Skipper. The Skippers are together known as COPPERLILY, and they have created an album that makes one feel at home. It pops and grooves and delightfully winds its way through relationships and roadtrips and children and, well, life as we all know it. It’s almost like an intimate look at how the Skippers met, loved, and struggled in life, though I have no idea if the material is autobiographical or just insightful fun about life in general.

Either way, Copperlily is a new favorite which would be wearing out the needle of my phonograph if it was an LP.

Tim Skipper, of course, is the front man of those delightful alternative rockers House of Heroes, which is pretty much my favorite band in the universe. (If you haven’t yet listed to the album “The End is Not the End,” well, just shame on you. It’s beyond epic and theatrical and World War II-themed. Go listen, now! It’s my dream to bring this album to Broadway. What a show it could be! But I digress.)

With Copperlily, the Skippers have gone for a wonderful folksy and upbeat sound. “Lazy with Love” is a catchy back and forth bee-bopping tune of how couples get, well, lazy at love. But hey, let’s keep working on this thing!

“Telephone” is a fun-sounding song about not willing to accept a break-up call using ones cell-phone. It almost has a whimsical Owl City-ish feel to it without the heavy electronic beat.

The opening song “The Song of You and Me” starts with: “I met a girl down in Oklahoma, she was a sight to see. Sweeter than Mexican Coca-Cola, we got hitched in Tennessee.” It almost sounds hokey when I write it out like this, but with the simple strumming, the smooth melody, and the powerfully beautiful voices of the Skippers, you’ll find yourself humming and tapping along.

“Shadows Glow” and “The Beautiful Unseen” are two more stellar tracks, the later of which delves into the beautiful mysteries of faith and believing in what isn’t necessary obvious with ones eyes.

I highly recommend this album. If you are tired of the same old pop-40 drivel that the radio incessantly feeds you, this album will be a welcome change. Perfect for a summer’s evening in a pickup truck with the windows rolled down.

And remember: always support your INDIE ARTISTS!!!!

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