Poor English! Expect it. It’s always been with us.

In this fascinating article in the Economist, the author highlights esteemed writers and teachers through the centuries who have lamented how the English language is in decline. Pupils don’t know the rudimentary elements of grammar, and even well-known writers are using the language in “inelegant” ways.

While some bemoan the fact that English is getting “worser and worser,” it is, in fact, to be celebrated. Language is a reflection of society, and society is always changing. And English, more than any other language in history, has been a language of change. It is the most impure language ever – gladly accepting new words, strange spelling, and altered pronunciations.

Meanings are constantly changing, and grammar is constantly being challenged by both disinterested Johnny in the grammar classroom and those sneaky writers who aren’t content to follow the rules.

Check out this ARTICLE. I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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