A New Review of “A Love Story for a Nation”

Inspirational Author and Book Reviewer Dolores Ayotte posted a new review of A Love Story for a Nation, and I’d like to share a few excerpts:

She starts by saying: “It is almost impossible to adequately express in words how moved I was by “A Love Story for a Nation”. The plot of this incredible tale sent shivers down my spine on more than one occasion. Author Mark Sasse is one gifted writer. The depth of his ability to connect with the characters in his stories which permeates through to his readers, to those of us clinging to every word he pens, is beyond description. I’m a huge fan…plain and simple.”

She then goes into a great description of the plot of the book ending with these words:

“I wish there was higher than a 5 star rating because I would definitely give it to this mesmerizing novel. Loved it!!”

I encourage you to go read the full review as it gives some excellent descriptions of the book and will help anyone know whether it would be for them or not.

Read Full Review on Goodreads

Read Full Review and Excerpt on Amazon

Also Check out Dolores Ayotte’s Author Page

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