My Debut Novel – Now only 99 cents through July 20!

Hey all,

If you haven’t had a chance to read my debut novel from December 2012, it’s only 99 cents on Kindle through July 20.

Beauty Rising is it’s name. It brings together two very unlikely people into a relationship that no one could have ever predicted – a 40ish over-weight, yet-to-grow-up American man and a beautiful, young, troubled Vietnamese girl.

As one reviewer called it, it’s a late coming of age story about culture, family, and the past which some people can never get away from.

Martin Kinney travels to Vietnam to bury the ashes of his late father – an abusive Vietnam War Vet.  His wallet is stolen, which sucks him into the Vietnamese culture far more than he ever would have predicted.

My Phuong, the Vietnamese girl, has a secret past she ran away from. She spends her nights on the seedy side of town, just trying to survive. When she becomes the mistress of a local Vietnamese politician, she realizes how trapped she has become.

How will Martin and My Phuong ever meet? And what explosive ending is waiting for them?

Pick up Beauty Rising for 99 cents and find out!  It’s a page-turner told in first person narration from two points of view.

Grab it cheap before it’s gone! Beauty Rising Here!

Beauty Rising Mark W Sasse

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