My Mother Approves

My mom is a reader, and she always gives me her two cents about my books.

Well, I’m happy to say that she gave “A Love Story for a Nation” a big endorsement. So there you have it, Mark’s mom approves, so it must be good.

She doesn’t follow my books blindly. She didn’t care so much for “crazy lady” book, as she calls it. (“The Recluse Storyteller)  But she likes this one.

Besides being one of my biggest critics, she also has one of the sharpest eyes for syntax, grammar, and, especially, word choice. No matter who edits my work, my mom is able to spot a couple issues which need to be changed. She always makes the manuscript better. She did that to me today too as she pointed out a couple word choices which were incorrect. It’s the kind of stuff that’s extremely easy to miss because spell checker won’t pick it up. But she does, and I’m glad!

I’ve had people in the past who shy away from pointing out mistakes in my manuscript. I understand why that would be. You don’t want to be overbearing and nit-picky. But I truly embrace it because I want to have the very best story and manuscript that is possible. That’s why mom always helps me out.

So if you want a good story, mother-approved and mother edited, then please check out my latest, A Love Story for a Nation.

Thanks for your support, everyone. (and mom!)

2015-06-21 16.40.29

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