This one deserves the seven-day treatment

Do you ever have an unruly manuscript which simply would not do what you want it to?

I’m in the middle of such a dilemma as I write.

Let me clarify something: this is quite rare for me. For better or worse, my scripts or novels or whatever I’m writing seem to just write themselves. I know where I’m going with them, and I simply need to have time to get it down on paper. Sometimes I just become satisfied with my work and know that it’s finished. It almost seems like I have a lackadaisical attitude toward my work, like “good enough” is good enough. I’m not so cavalier about it. I just find that my brain tells me that it is over. Perhaps it’s all I have or all that I’m willing to give to a project. I’m just done.

And then there’s this certain script which I’m currently working on. “The Family Homecoming.” It’s only about 3000 words – about a 15 minute short play. But, man, it’s been kicking my butt! I have been struggling daily with it because my heart hasn’t been settled concerning it. It just doesn’t feel right. I’m not happy, content, or ready to quit. I am, in fact, angry at it for not following my will and jumping into shape.

It’s “due” in seven days. I have to give it to my drama group at that time, so I need to give it the seven-day treatment.

The seven-day treatment is simple: commit to read and revise it every day from now until it’s due to see what I can shake from its tree. I will not rest until my writing soul tells me that enough is enough. So I will read, edit, create, re-do, re-write, re-format, re-conceptualize until the seven days are up.

Perhaps I still won’t be happy with the piece, but at least I will have given it the time and dedication it needs.

Some writing is more frustrating than others. If it is, give it the seven-day treatment.

Do you have a piece of writing which needs it?

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