Three Duets, Two Solos needed. That’s it!

The forensics coach at my school approached me today. She said that she only needs three duets and two solo acting scripts for her kids to work on.

No pressure.

Starting last year, the team asked me to write them scripts which they could perform at their forensics competition in February. Last year, one performance of my script won a gold medal and a different performance of a different script won bronze.

No pressure.

So now they want me to write more.

I’m thrilled, actually. I love being able to write for something that has an immediate impact. Writing for a need and a particular performance is one of the more gratifying writing outputs, so I’m happy to help.

But, no pressure.

I have to come up with a bunch of scripts – and fast.

Okay, so I have 10 days to write a bunch of scripts. I’ve had less time before. Last year, I wrote one full script during a couple hour teacher-parent conference. Whenever there was a lull in the meetings, I hit the keyboard and by the end of the session, it was done. (It’s the one that won a bronze.)

So this is very do-able. I just now have to do it.

Actually, I already have a bunch of ideas. Two weeks ago I had one of those epiphany moments and within a matter of 40 minutes or so, I had five or six tangible ideas for short plays or duets. Now I just need to sit down and write them. This blog post could be considered stalling, and it wouldn’t be wrong. I tend to like to wait for the last minute. There’s something freeing about not having time to dilly-dally.

Anyways, I feel fortunate to be in the position to have a creative use for my writing. Not everyone can claim that, so I’m going to push ahead and see what I can create.

I’ll let you know what I come up with.

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