Short & Sweet Theatre Penang 2015

Backstage before dress rehearsal tonight.

2015-08-25 22.49.21 2015-08-25 20.24.13

I got my annual orange name tag – this year as playwright and director. And I meant to get a couple photos of dress rehearsal, but it seems I was too busy watching the performance.

Nine different plays are taking the stage this year. Quite  an eclectic mix of material. The dress rehearsal was eerily subdued tonight. Not sure why. I anticipate much more energy from everyone starting tomorrow,  so we shall see.

My play had its share of glitches tonight. The actors said they rehearsed so much back stage that they didn’t have the proper energy on-stage. Not good. I’m sure that will be corrected tomorrow. But they did great, overall. I’m looking forward to see what a week’s worth of performances will do to the show. We also had  some technical glitches of missed or wrong cues which detracted from my play as well. But that is the reason for dress rehearsal. Get all that stuff out of the way.

Opening night on Wednesday. Should be fun.

I’m have more from on-the scene all week long!


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