4.18: Are you kidding me?

If you’ve ever been so inclined to visit Malaysia, now is the time. The Malaysian ringgit is currently trading at 4.18 per 1 USD. That’s extremely painful for me, but extremely attractive to those carrying dollars and Euros into the country. Over the years, I’ve provided a lot of reasons to visit Malaysia. Here’s some you can check out:



I get paid in ringgit, so I’m not going anywhere for a while. When I first arrived in Penang ten years ago, the ringgit was about 3.8 to 1 USD. But things changed quickly. As of less about two years ago it was trading as 3.0 or slightly less to 1 USD. I was definitely richer back in those days. But now it’s 4.18, and wow! It’s really 4.18.

The only way to make sense of it is to tell myself how much my lunches cost in USD. It always sounds so much better.

My Thai padprik chicken (with the luscious Thai basil) is 6RM – so now it’s only $1.43. Wow! That’s cheap. It used to cost $2.00.

My Thai longbean and pork is 5.50RM, coming in at a paltry $1.31.

You can still get a big plate of chicken rice for only 4.00RM which is LESS than a $1.00.

My Coke Light with ice is 2.00RM, so it’s only $0.48!

A huge hot plate of sizzling chicken and beansprouts (which is to die for) feeds three people for only RM22 – $5.26!

My favorite Nasi Lemak with curry chicken is about RM7 – still less than $2.00.

I’m already making myself feel better. I may never be able to afford to leave this place, but with food like this at this price, who cares?

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