Government Good Intentions Have No Logic

Four-hundred and fifty pages of Obamacare regulations related to restaurant food labeling is about to go into effect.

Does this post need go any further? 450 pages? Who else could make food labeling that complicated?

You may have seen in the news that some restaurants, especially pizza chains, are pushing back against the new rules because the new reglutions woul put undue and unwarranted strain on the restaurant. Domino’s claims that they have 34,000,000 combinations of pizza and couldn’t very well have a display board in their restaurant that includes all of these. The mandatory display would also cost roughly $5000, according to some, and would in fact do nothing since general nutritional facts are found on their website and most of their business is from phone and on-line orders where the customers don’t come into the restaurants anyways.

I am all for someone who wishes to eat healthy to start making wise choices about their meals. Good for them! In fact, I’ve been doing that myself over the past five weeks. But that is the key – “self” – if someone wants to start eating healthier, the last thing that will help is mandatory government labeling.

First of all, anyone who wants to eat healthy and is worrying about calorie in-take should NOT be at any of the fast food restaurants. Period. This is needless overreach. Every one knows it’s unhealthy and high-caloric. We don’t need the government to force restaurants to tell us so.

Second, if someone is interested in knowing calorie or nutrition counts, there are countless FREE ways to do this. Fitness Pal is a great app that I control and gives me great insight into what I’m eating. It’s not the restaurant’s job to tell me what I’m eating. I’m responsible for what I put in my mouth and if I can’t tell that a cheeseburger with bacon, or a massive salad with a cup of fatty dressing is bad for me, then that’s my fault.

So the government is forcing businesses to spend thousands of dollars on new labeling which will benefit few and are completely unnecessary – especially in light of the day and age we live in.

Sounds like another example of government logic.

Governments should encourage healthy living. They should not regulate and mandate healthy living because it doesn’t work.





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