Twelve Reasons You Should Still Go to Movie Theaters

A good question, don’t you think?

In this day and age with Netflix and movies on-demand, why would anyone choose to go to the cinema when you can watch it all in the comfort of your own home?

Reasons for going to the movies:

  1. You get to smell the odorous sausage and chicken nuggets from the person behind you to help remind you to stick to your diet. (Perhaps this is a Malaysian thing.)
  2. You get privy information through overhearing the person in front of you talk on their phone.
  3. You get to sit by the guy who takes the arm rest, thus enabling you to practice arm muscle exercises for the duration of the film.
  4. You get to check out the latest 15 minutes worth of commercials which you haven’t seen in a while.
  5. You get to listen to the lovely children talk and laugh, reminding you of the good old days when you were young, carefree, and not interested in boring movies.
  6. You get to listen to the entertaining cadences of popcorn crunching emanating from behind you.
  7. You get to hear all the latest ringtones, so you can decide whether you should upgrade or not.
  8. You get to practice your patience as late arriving people make you stand up and get out of your row.
  9. You get to wait in line with a bunch of strangers, pretending to create community bonds.
  10. You get to understand thoroughly the value of a dollar once you realized what you paid to enjoy a crappy film.
  11. You get to enjoy a kernel of popcorn which is slightly less valuable than a nugget of gold.
  12. You get to snuggle with your sweetheart, showing off what a great relationship you have. (You also get to watch additional interesting acts by others.)

Now that I convinced you the superiority of cinema experiences compared with watching at home, let’s try to think of at least a couple of reasons why anyone would want to stay and home and watch a movie at home.

  • The screen at the cinema is too big. (It hurts my neck.)
  • The couch at home is too comfortable. I’ll probably lie down and miss the movie.

There you have it. No contest. Now go to the cinema this weekend!

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