8 Ideas, 15 Minutes (The Sad Reality of No Time)

Our school is having some meetings coming up at the end of the month, and I’ve been asked to write up some skits, and find some actors who would perform short pieces for each one which illustrate different life lessons.

I’m always happy to do so, and now I even have a creative writing group which meets once a week to help me with the task. We will need 6 skits, and my group meeting is tomorrow, so I decided that I should take a few minutes and get down a couple ideas to get our brainstorming session off in the right direction.

Well, 15 minutes later, I have already detailed out 8 different skit ideas. I could probably have 8 more in the next 15 if I wanted to continue, but I don’t think it’s necessary. I think we will already have enough to work with.

I’ve been in a wonderfully creative spot these last few years. Ideas tend to jump out at me at all moments, and, thus, the sadness of this reality weighs heavily upon me: I simply do not have enough time to explore all my ideas. Life and work seem to stand in the way.

What would I be able to accomplish if I had nothing to do all day but writing and planning writing? I know what I can accomplish when I have a week like that. Vacation time is incredibly productive for me. Imagine if I had 52 weeks of vacation. I’m pretty sure my keyboard would need to be replaced.

This could be kind of depressing, but I can’t let myself think that way. I will choose to believe that my brain is working at its creative best exactly because of the current environment I’m working in. I get to interact with lots of young people. That keeps my brain young, right? I get to discuss and wrestle with many different important issues which can only help further my ideas, right? And when I do have time to write, I’m ready and focused to get as much done as possible. So, perhaps it’s best that I don’t have any additional time.

Although I wouldn’t mind trying the 52 week vacation at some point to see if my creative juices truly have no end. What if they didn’t? That possibility is what always gets me excited.


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