Love the rainstorms here in Penang. At the moment, this is what it looks like outside my house.

2015-09-16 18.34.43

Massive puddle forming in the front yard from all the roof run-off. See all those plants, including the California palm, that’s my wife’s work. I mow the grass. Certainly not on days like this. Here’s another view.

2015-09-16 18.34.57

This also gives you a view of what my neighborhood looks like. Gated community (automatic, remote controlled gates which are awesome), mainly Chinese with a bunch of expats sprinkled in. Our street is a quiet dead-end. The governor of Penang used to live on this street. It’s on the side of Pearl Hill which continues up about 1500 ft above us. It’s a great place to walk. Again, not in the rain.

This is typical September weather. Big storms roll through in the evening – sometimes in the morning – but mainly evening. The house is quite cool now, even without the air conditioner on. It’s 26 c, and feels great when sitting under a fan. Normally we’d be sweating without AC at this hour.

We’ve been in this exact house for nearly 10 years. It’s been a blessing for us. I can’t remember how many rainstorms like this we’ve enjoyed, but the rolling thunder and flashes of lightning are welcome respite to the hot, muggy weather in Penang. I love rainy season.

This is probably the most low-keyed blog post I’ve ever written, but just wanted to share a little of the rain with you.

Stay cool!

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