A Night of Charity & Drama

I had an enjoyable night at a charity dinner for the Family Hope Welfare Association this past weekend at the Bayview Hotel.

It’s an honor to support the great work that this organization does, and it was especially an honor to support their first major fundraiser ever – raising about RM 20,000, which will go and help the poor and physically challenged in the community. My two talented actors were part of the entertainment, performing their award-winning performance of “Words to Say at the End of the World.” And while the setting wasn’t completely idea for their performance, they did a great job. I just love watching their energetic acting. Here’s a few photos.

2015-09-26 20.33.50 2015-09-26 20.32.55 2015-09-26 20.27.51 2015-09-26 20.40.01 2015-09-26 20.36.42 2015-09-26 20.34.18

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