“Words to Say”: Encore Performance in KL


There we are – writer/director with Lexi and Ysabel hanging out at the pre-show meeting last night. We’ve been riding our script for quite a while now. Our short play, “Words to Say at the End of the World” won 5 awards at the festival in August, and it just keeps living on. We had the honor of bringing it to Kuala Lumpur and performing it for the standing room only audience of the Gala Finals Night @ Short & Sweet Malaysia. The girls’ performance was awesome!IMG_20151101_1644173_rewind

Here they are in their mom & daughter roles. The audience was great! Lots of laughter and many touching tears as the two came to a realization of how much they meant to each other. It’s funny how life suddenly becomes serious when  you’re staring at a mushroom crowd.IMG_20151101_2330242_rewind

Here’s the festivities after the awards-ceremony. (My girls weren’t eligible since it was a showcase piece from another city.)

We have one last performance coming up. They will be giving their final curtain call at the 4th anniversary open day at Penangpac on November 15.

I’m really proud of these girls. They have tremendous talent!

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