Six Hour Rehearsal – The End in Sight

Today, my drama crew and I spent 6+ hours together working out the kinks of our new show. Many kinks remain, but it was great to see everything begin to come together.

The first 2.5 hours was working on our mini-musical: “The Last Shepherd.”

the last shepherd

This is a poignant piece which ends our first Christmas show ever. It’s still rough. We had done very little work on it prior to today.  The lyrics are powerful, but now we have to get the ensemble to 1) learn all the lyrics well and 2) belt it out like a Broadway performer. This is one of the most challenging parts of high school drama – volume. They always think they sound  loud. They don’t.

But I’m excited. This is our 5th season of RLT, and we are happy to usher in the holiday season on Dec 3-5.

The rest of practice  today consisted of tightening up the other sketches and doing our FIRST complete run-through of all ten sketches. It went quite well for November 7. We should be ready.

I do love the creative outlet of live theatre. For me, it’s hard to beat!

(Now it’s time for my sick body to rest.)

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