Practice Reading for Author Event

I’m excited to be doing a reading from my newest book, A Love Story for a Nation, at the Penang Performing Arts Centre’s 4th Anniversary Open Day this coming Sunday afternoon. There will be a myriad of free performances ranging from drama, to poetry, to music, and book readings. I picked out the passage I want to read, a poignant and exciting passage from rather early in the book. Last evening I rehearsed for the first time, but it  was over the 10 minute limit.

Today, in my speech and forensics class, I asked my students if they would indulge me a little and allow me to do my dramatic reading for them. They eagerly agreed and were willing to give me feedback.

This actually fits in well with where we are heading in the class. We will soon be starting oral interpretations, where each person will have to choose a novel and dramatically read a portion of it only using their voice, without any other body movements. That is the requirement for oral interpretation. They don’t want it to turn into drama.

I, however, am not bound by any forensics rules, so I will certainly take advantage of my drama background and try to make my passage as gripping and alive as I possibly can. I will be using all kinds of movements and motions to better tell the story in hopes that some people may want to purchase it afterwards.

So I performed for my students and they enjoyed it a lot. They also gave me some tangible feedback which will help the audience better understand the passage that I am reading. Tomorrow I’ll share the passage on my blog so you can tell me what you think of it. Also, I’ll be sharing some pictures and experiences from Open Day later next week.

I look forward to it!

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