Previewing (Actually)Tales of Wonder

My new show is called “Tales of Wonder,” but there is a drama medley in the show also called “Tales of Wonder.” Yes, I get the show name from that.

What’s a drama medley? I don’t know. I just made it up. It’s three dramatic sketches wrapped around an original song which holds them all together. These pieces are meant to be nostalgic reminders of what it’s like to be a kid at Christmas. The first piece is called “Snow Fort,” it’s a really funny piece with young kids bantering back and forth as they prepare for a snow ball fight. The second piece, “Santa Daddy” is a  piece where a child wakes up to see her daddy putting presents under the tree. The daddy tries to convince her that he’s Santa Claus. The last piece is “You Gotta Get Up,” inspired by Rich Mullins’ Christmas song of the same name. Two excited girls wake up early to see their presents under the tree. Then they tear off to jump all over their parents.

Each piece is sewn together by an up-beat song called “Arise and Touch the Dawn.”

Here’s the first verse:

Magical flights of fancy free

Wings of the night we welcome thee

Arise my heart, Arise and touch the dawn.

Joyous sights to welcome thee

The dark of my soul releases free

Arise my heart, Arise and touch the dawn.


I had a lot of fun writing these, but even more fun watching them come together. It’s going to be great.  Dec 3-5 @ penangpac.


Tales of wonder sketch

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