Sketch #4: Season’s Greetings

I’ll admit it. “Season’s Greetings” is a blatant attempt to pull on the emotional heartstrings of the audience, especially the female audience. Call me manipulative if you like, but it’s a simple concept that I thought of early on as I was starting to write the Christmas show. It’s all about unmet expectations and what that would do to someone like a vulnerable widow. Yeah, it’s pretty brutal. I always tear up and I wrote it and have watched it a million times already. But it illustrates a truth which is too common in our modern world: we get too busy for our loved ones. It’s definitely affected our actors as well, as I’ve had some of them say that it will remind and encourage people to reach out and visit your loved ones over the holiday season. Kimberly, who plays the lead in the show, purposefully choose this script to act because she wanted to push herself and delve into emotions and situations which she has never dealt with before. She’s done a great job. I anticipate many sniffling noses during each of the performances of this play because it is that poignant. I give it a big thumbs up! season's greetings

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