Sketch #5: The Christmas Banquet

Here’s my next in a series of vignettes about the dramatic sketches I wrote for our show “Tales of Wonder” which opens next week.

“The Christmas Banquet” is a poignant piece, an allegory of sorts, about a person who shows up at the Christmas banquet and gets asked to hand out invitations. It’s unclear who asks her to help. An angel, perhaps. I’ll let the audience decide. Anyways, as the invitee gets the invitations, she is prodded to give one to everyone. Everyone. Absolutely everyone. Even drug addicts and illegal immigrants and people with rainbows on their Facebook profiles and homeless people and atheists and criminals and … well, you get the idea. The invitee is alarmed and shocked at all the people she’s supposed to invite but just quite can’t do it. Eventually, everyone shows up at the banquet and she has to decide what she’s going to do.

With this piece, I wanted to highlight the compassion needed in this world regardless of the background or circumstances of the person. I hope it’s a meaningful poignant piece for everyone to enjoy.Christmas Banquet

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