The (post-show) Letdown

It happens every time. A show is finished. The tremendous weight is off my shoulder. One would think it would reduce my stress level, but it actually just depresses me. I miss it already. The adrenaline, the audience, the performers giving their all on stage. It’s precious.

We wrapped up our Christmas production “Tales of Wonder” last night. We definitely had a couple of firsts.

We had back to back to back sell-outs! Before this year, we never had any sell outs at all. This year three.

Second, we had standing ovations in each of our last two shows. It was completely unexpected and incredibly strange. My actors pulled me on to stage after curtain call. I really don’t like it, but they do it, and I wave sheepishly at the audience and motion for them to go home. But they stood to their feet and let out a loud roar of approval. Quite overwhelming.

This was one of those special shows when everything gels. It elicited the best of the holiday season, but also showed some extremely poignant reminders of the real meaning of Christmas as well. It really connected with the audience, and that is what live theatre is all about: connection.

It was all so exciting, and I want to be part of theatre forever. There’s nothing quite like it.

Well, now I have to turn the page. I have a new play I’ll be producing for May 2016. It’s called “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.”

I better get back to work.

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