“Tales of Wonder” in Photos (Part I)

Opening number: “Arise & Touch the Dawn” sung between the sketches in “Tales of Wonder: A Drama Medley”

All photos by Jonathan Steffan.

“Snow Fort” – The girls attack with their snow balls.
“Santa Daddy” – Suzie wakes up to find Santa at the tree, even though it’s really Daddy trying to keep the dream alive.
“You Gotta Get Up” – The kids finally got the parents to wake up on Christmas morning.
“Arise and Touch the Dawn” at the end of the drama medley.
“Christmas in the Trenches, 1914” – British soldiers hear singing across the trench divide.
“Season’s Greetings” – Mrs. Banks is anticipating her family’s arrival for Christmas.
“Jolly Old St. Hick” – Hick gets in the BMW which is lost in the snow. He likes the warm seats. Reminds him of his saddle.

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