Author Interview with Kasten Ladner

I’ve given interviews before to a variety of bloggers, authors, and websites. But when a senior student at my school interviewed me, it was one of the best I’ve ever encountered. His questions were thoughtful and well-planned. He showed genuine interest in my boring rantings about writing, and he wrote an excellent article for their blog, Senior Scribble.

Here’s a snippet:

“It was only the second year of Mr. Sasse’s tenure at the school that he began writing–and directing. When the previous drama director left, Mr. Sasse rose to fill the vacancy, having absolutely no experience as either an actor or a director. Sasse, rising to the occasion, not only directed the production but also wrote the entire script with a motley band of eager students. Since beginning in 2007, this remarkable teacher has continued to write and direct the scripts, heavily investing in the lives of students under his tutelage.

In addition to his full-length productions, Mr. Sasse has written numerous short skits, even beginning a new acting band, the Road Less Traveled (RLT) Players. The RLT Players, modeled after the Footstool Players, a crew of actors and actresses who perform short three to five minute sketches centered around one theme, have quickly become a Dalat favorite among students since its inception three years ago. The themes have varied widely from exploring the interaction of generations to probing the extremes of life, yet the skits continually stagger the audience with their poignant messages.”

You can read the full interview HERE!

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