A Look Ahead: Writing Projects for 2016

I have an exciting slate of writing projects on tap for 2016. Let me list them out in no particular order.

  • 5th Novel – Which Half David – Currently in revision. I’m hoping to push this along for a May or June release.
  • Play – I’m co-writing a yet-to-be-titled play with four of my students. Need to finish this one by May at the latest.
  • 6th Novel – I’ve been writing like crazy on this one the last two weeks. Already 25,000+ words in, and I’m having a blast with it. A little change in genre for me on this one. I would love to have this finish and edited by summer so I can do a December 2016 release. It has a title, but I’m not sharing yet. Two novels in one year would be pretty cool!
  • RLT Players’ – I’ll be writing another Christmas show for my drama group. It will be titled “More Tales of Wonder.” This will consist of about 10 original short plays all themed around Christmas. I set aside June and July for this project.
  • Release of “Theatrical Duets for Stage, Competition, or Classroom.” This is currently being proofed, and I plan for a January 2016 release in about three weeks. It’s a collection of 15 theatrical duets, including several award-winning pieces.
  • Smaller projects: I have a bunch of other short plays I plan to write. Plus a short musical I hope to finish with the help of a co-composer.

I have all this planned in addition to my regular job, my drama directing, and my softball coaching. This new year should be a blast!

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