Views from the Top of Penang

Visited the restaurant 59 Sixty at the 59th and 60th floor of Komtar in downtown Georgetown, Penang. So I thought I’d give you a peek at what Penang looks from the top.2016-01-07 13.17.11

(Above) This is the heart of Georgetown – the old quarter – with Butterworth and the Penang Port is in the distance across the water. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Imagine yourself scooting through these maze of streets, looking at the street art, stopping by one of dozens of hip cafes, enjoying the architecture, and stopping for the best food anywhere. This is Penang!2016-01-07 14.00.23

(Above) The main traffic intersection southwest of Komtar. 2016-01-07 13.16.08

(above) Looking southward over the eastern half of the island – south of Georgetown.

2016-01-07 13.15.52

(Above) Looking eastward across the Penang Strait which is part of the Strait of Malacca. The Penang Bridge can be seen in the upper right corner.


2016-01-07 13.15.18

(Above) Looking southeast. Good view of the Penang Bridge in the center, including the suspension bridge in the center. Jerejak Island is in the top right corner. The second Penang Bridge could be seen by the naked eye, but the camera didn’t pick it up.2016-01-07 13.58.55

(Above) Looking westward. The first little hill near the center top is Pearl Hill. My home is on the other side of the hill. The piece of land which juts into the Strait of Malacca is where my home away from home is – the Penang Performing Arts Centre. Heading northward, you’ll leave the strait and end up in the Andaman Sea.

This has been my home for the last ten years. I love it!

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