Are people who disagree with you idiotic?

In this article, Sean Blanda makes a point that I often try to make: the other side is not dumb.

We all see it on Facebook daily. The memes from Occupy Democrats or Conservative Chicks who “expose” the other side as being idiotic and moronic while extolling all the “facts” that support their pre-conceived notions of the truth.

In Blanda’s article, he talks about how this type of bashing does nothing to further honest discourse in this country – something that every person would agree is sorely lacking. The article also talks about the idea that people on either side of controversial topics have something that they base their ideas on. Even if we wholeheartedly disagree with a position, if we can’t honestly understand why someone would hold that position, we will never be able to bridge the gap and come to any type of understanding.

People who hold “idiotic points of view” are not exactly idiotic at all. Perhaps we are the idiots to think everyone should think like us.

Here’s the article. I recommend it for a full read. View at

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