Audition Day

The day I hate to love. The day I love to hate.

Both of these are true.

I love audition day because it’s incredibly fun to see students come out and give you their best shot in attaining a role. But I hate that I love it because it’s a painful day. It’s painful because I have to choose one person over the other. Why can’t everyone join and we all get participation awards, patting ourselves on the back in celebration like a youth-league soccer team.

But no. Audition is competition. Fierce. Brutal. It leaves behind sadness and tears for those who don’t achieve their goals. But it also builds character and perseverance. I just hate being the bearer of bad news, but that’s what I’m meant to do.

So here goes.

Monday. 40 students have time slots for auditions. 13 guys, 27 girls.

Roles available?  13 total (6 guys, 7 girls)

So I will have to turn away 27 talented actors. Brutal!

But it also means that the cast of my new play, “The Secrets of the Magic Pool,” is going to be incredibly strong. And I’m very excited about that.

So who to choose when there are so many for that many roles?

First, it has to be based on the audition. That puts everyone on the same playing field because everyone has to do the same thing to impress the director.

But other factors certainly come into play. Some actors I have worked with before and that gives them an advantage (or not) because I knew their strengths and their level of commitment.

Commitment is also a big factor. If someone is too involved with other projects or events, I might shy away from them, thinking they won’t be able to give all their time to the show.

Passion is also important. If a person’s passion for theatre comes through, it’s definitely to their advantage, as is someone who has a learning and humble attitude.

In my school setting, I also weigh grade level. Seniors are in their last semester of eligibility, so if they have a stellar audition, they might get preferential treatment.

I also have a soft-spot for the underdog. The young student who may have never done it before but shows passion and raw ability. I love to see kids blossom on stage.

So, today’s the day. I will thrill some and disappoint others. But that’s part of the drama game.

And let the games begin!

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