The Recluse Storyteller: Lower Price – Expanded Distribution

My second novel, The Recluse Storyteller, now has a permanent e-book price of $1.99. And in addition to that super low price, it now has expanded distribution through a myriad of outlets. So now there’s no excuse!

This is a really fun novel that you can’t give up on in the beginning. It has a unique structure of story inside of story inside of story… if you are a little lost at first, it’s okay. I promise, it will all come together in due time. It’s a combination of four stories told by our crazy recluse, but it is also the story of the recluse herself. It’s a great weaving mess of fun storytelling. So please do check it out. It’s now available in various ebook formats at all of the following retailers.


Barnes & Noble NOOK Book HERE!

Smashwords HERE!

Inktera HERE!

Kobo – coming this week!

Apple – available on ITunes!

And many more.  If you have a favorite ebook vendor, chances are The Recluse Storyteller is now available there.

My debut novel, Beauty Rising, will also be heading to expanded distribution in the near future. I’ll let you know. Thanks for your support.

recluse storyteller cover med


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