Valentine’s Day Excerpt: Princess Pearl Speaks of Her Love, Casimir

For Valentine’s Day, here’s an excerpt from my new play “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.” In this excerpt, Princess Pearl is anxious for her Prince to arrive, and she banters back and forth with her loyal servant, Majji.  


PRINCESS: (overly dramatic) But it’s truer than the rise of mercury in the noon day sun. He commands my every breath.   (worried) Does my face look blotchy?

MAJJI: Perfectly clear, unlike your cloudy, dust-ridden mind.

PRINCESS: Do you think I’m too mad for him?

MAJJI: Well, he is dapper.

PRINCESS: Dapper. You talk of him like he’s a basset hound dressed in a silk tunic.

MAJJI: You talk of him like he’s a Greek god.

PRINCESS: If it were true, Zeus himself would bow down in front of him, and slightly peak up with jealous eyes to see his well-defined physique, heroic jaw and dreamy blue eyes.

MAJJI: Zeus would be jealous of his eyes?

PRINCESS: Truer than the azure sky around Mount Olympus. Do you think I speak too highly of him?

MAJJI: Zeus?

PRINCESS: No, Casimir.

MAJJI: All I know is there can be only one sun in the sky at noon.

PRINCESS: And his eyes emit rays of poetry. Love poetry. Romantic poetry. Silly rhyming poetry.

MAJJI:  (laughing) You are quite insane.

PRINCESS: Do you think he knows my true thoughts?

MAJJI: As obvious as deep burgundy sits on a petal of a rose, or as red as the blush on your cheeks.

PRINCESS: You said my cheeks were clear. Ohhh— (like a spoiled child) Then why doesn’t he come?

COMING to PENANGPAC:  May 13-14, 2016

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