A New Book Cover & New Promotions!

Well, I did it. I decided to change a book cover. Here’s my new book cover for my novel “The Recluse Storyteller.”


I decided to keep the recluse’s figure as she stares off into the distance, but this time looking at the tree on the hill, which reminded me a lot of the tree from the story. The recluse tells the story of twins in the 19th century, who climb the hill from their house and look out over the valley in hopes of spotting their father coming home. It’s one of the four poignant stories she tells, but this one is mixed with a little mysticism and magic when the father appears to one of the girls under the tree.

The e-book version of the novel has recently expanded its reach beyond Amazon and is available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and many other fine vendors.

On Smashwords!

On Amazon!

On Barnes & Noble!

I also have a great promotion coming later next week for my latest novel, “A Love Story for a Nation.” Stay tuned!

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